Vote Against the Republicans

The Democrats haven’t given the people much reason to vote for them, but there are more than enough reasons to vote against the Republicans. Many of the key races are at the state level, because of the billionaire Koch Brothers’ successful takeover of many state governments in the 2010 elections. Voters in states such as Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania have a chance to reject the destructively elitist governors elected in 2010.

There has been a lot written about GOP extremism at the state and federal level, so let me cite one example that sums up the rest. Maine’s governor, Paul LePage, is up for reelection today and seems to have a good chance of winning. Take a look at this piece on LePage by Mike Tipping, which was published at Talking Points Memo.

Despite LePage’s appalling record, including ties to far-right insurrectionists, he has been embraced by the Republican establishment, including supposed centrist Chris Christie. The only limit to Republican fanaticism is when the voters refuse to elect Republicans.