This blog is about working-class people and the bigotry we face daily. Discrimination against the working class is considered socially acceptable, even by those who would balk at other forms of discrimination. It is time to change that.

I talk about class, rather than using the current fashionable terms “inequality” and “the wealth gap.” Those latter expressions are too abstract. They also obscure the fact that many others face the same circumstances we do. Though we may often feel alone, we have many natural allies in our social class—people we need to understand and unite with, despite the best efforts of the elite to keep us apart.

Speaking of forces that keep us apart, I will also discuss racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, and religious fundamentalism: the divide-and-conquer tactics employed by the world’s owners. We need to uncover the causes of our all-too-frequent readiness to kiss the instruments that keep us in our place.

Of course, that will mean taking aim at the ideology of conservatism, which is merely a series of contradictory excuses for the exploitation of cheap labor by hereditary wealth. (The same goes for conservatism’s mutant offspring, libertarianism.) Fortunately, the people are starting to realize that. The one small positive effect of maldistribution of wealth in recent decades is that it has made the rich more overtly arrogant. These days, many elitists are proud to express their hatred toward people who work for a living. I’ll examine cases of that here.

But don’t think liberals will get a pass. Liberalism is just a series of poses that allows certain economically privileged people to feel better about their privileges. We need to see liberalism for the hoax it is in order to build a true popular movement, a true anti-elitist coalition, and, yes, a true left.

I will have a lot to say about liberals’ class bigotry in the sectors of society over which they hold the greatest sway, particularly higher education and their portion of the media. In recent years, liberals have gone from ignoring class to talking about talking about class. Regarding higher education, liberals have finally acknowledged that working-class people are underrepresented at elite colleges and universities. But it doesn’t seem to have occurred to them to blame discrimination for that. Nor have elite media liberals shown any interest in criticizing socially exclusionary hiring practices at their own magazines, newspapers, or other media outlets. Quacks, heal thyselves.

I’m an American, so this blog will include much coverage of American issues. But class bigotry is not confined to one country, and I’ll discuss examples drawn from other parts of the world. I don’t allow comments on the blog (for reasons I address in “Frequently Asked Questions”), but feel free to send me your views via the e-mail address at the “Contact” prompt.

You won’t see anything like this blog in elite media. Welcome to Against Class Bigotry.