Muslim Terrorists and Other Dangerous Fanatics

Memorial display outside the French embassy in Berlin. Photo by Carsten Koall.
Memorial display outside the French embassy in Berlin. Photo by Carsten Koall.

I’ve been ill, but I’m now getting back to regular posting.

Let’s start with this. After radical Muslims attacked Charlie Hebdo staff, and civilization itself, on Wednesday, there has been an encouragingly healthy response from the civilized. Friday’s successful raids by the French police are cause for relief, as is the nearly universal condemnation of Wednesday’s act of terror and the one at the kosher supermarket that followed.

Looking at the biographies of the two brothers who perpetrated the first attack, we can see a maddening pattern of delusion. The pair became the latest to murder on behalf of their imaginary friends in the sky (imaginary friends in the sky being the second leading cause of violent death in history, after greed). Beyond that, however, there is the decision by two men who grew up in poverty to throw in their lot with the Islamic establishment. Have they seen the way the Saudi royal family and other powers of international Islam live? What made them think such people gave a holy shit about impoverished Muslims?

Also, if reports are correct, the perpetrators had a connection to al-Qaeda. As you may recall, al-Qaeda was founded by a spoiled kid named bin Laden from a cadet branch of the Saudi royal family. He decided that he had not received his proper share of oil money. So he recruited a bunch of dupes to get killed in order to make him the new caliph. Bin Laden never quite made it to that coveted title, but the suckers are still lining up to join Team Osama, apparently.

In America, most people categorically condemned the attacks in Paris. “Most people” does not include the leadership of right-wing Catholics, however. William Donohue, head of the Catholic League, issued a statement titled “Muslims are right to be angry.” “Had [editor Stephane Charbonnier] not been so narcissistic, he may still be alive,” Donohue wrote. Apparently, Catholic and Islamic extremists have agreed to postpone their Crusades rematch until after they’ve killed all the freethinkers.

Donohue is a specialist at blaming the victim. For years, he has been the leading apologist for child molesters in the Catholic Church. Donohue’s statement last week proves once again that he is a psychological dead-ringer for every abuser who commits an atrocity and then says, “Look what you made me do.” It’s not difficult to trace the origins of that mindset: you can find it throughout the scriptures of the three big monotheistic religions. William Donohue and the Muslim terrorists just have a natural affinity for it.