No Longer Blocked by Facebook. See Greg Palast’s Facebook Page Saturday

I believe the title encapsulates the major announcements of the evening. Facebook is now allowing my blog to be posted on its site’s pages. Look for a link to my resignation-letter post on Greg Palast’s Facebook page on Saturday.

If you’re new to Greg Palast’s work, be sure to check it out. He has broken some of the biggest stories of recent years. Here is a review I wrote of Palast’s book Vultures’ Picnic for Razorcake. Who are the vultures? Find out in this report on Democracy Now!

Update (3/28): My resignation letter post is now linked at Greg Palast’s Facebook page. Thanks to Greg and his team members Leni ‘Badpenny’ von Eckardt and Nicole Powers, not only for posting the link but for pressuring Facebook to lift the ban. Were it not for friends like them and Evie Hemphill (thanks, Evie) raising the issue, I might still be blocked on Facebook.