Why is Facebook Blocking My Blog? A New Mini-Series

I’m still trying to find out why my blog is blocked from being linked on Facebook. On the chance that there was some malware problem on WordPress, I reported the issue there. I’m not a “premium member,” so it was referred to the site’s Help forums. I’ve not seen anything there to suggest that WordPress is the problem.

And, frankly, it seems highly unlikely that the difficulty is with WordPress. If there is malware on a post on my blog, why has no one who visited the blog told me about a computer problem? Why haven’t I had a computer problem? Why hasn’t WordPress administration reported a problem to me? Why does there seem to be no malware on anyone else’s WordPress blog?

So I sent a message to Facebook. Here it is. I’ll let you know if I hear anything. – Chris

Dear Facebook Management:

I’m not on Facebook myself, but friends who are on FB have been blocked from linking a post from my blog. They received a message saying the link was “detected to be unsafe.”

I don’t see how that could be the case, because it is simply a link to a WordPress.com blog. Also, there are no images in the post, obscene or otherwise. There is no threatening language. There isn’t even any swearing. My blog has received more than 1,800 views over the past couple days and no one has reported any computer problem to me.

My friends, including journalist Greg Palast, have complained to Facebook administration about this. You can read a conversation about that and see the link to my blog on Twitter here:


You can also see that Twitter users are clicking and re-tweeting the link, apparently without incident.

I ask you to fix this problem as soon as possible. We frequently hear that social media provide a place where everyday people can quickly communicate their views to others around the world. That ceases to be the case if communication is unfairly blocked by site owners.


Chris Pepus