Talking About Elitist Warmongers

Now that we have the framework for a nuclear agreement with Iran, professional warmongers are doing their hobby-horse Paul Revere impressions.

The media are proving receptive to this latest round of attacks on the idea of peace. That’s partly due to the fact that war and weapons are big business– and giant media companies are always ready to get behind (other) big business. But it is also because socially privileged people are the ones who get to be writers, editors, TV commentators, producers, and experts. When debate is restricted to members of the war-profiting class, and emphatically not the war-fighting class, war becomes a favorite policy option.

The educational system plays a central role in that system. One reason I write about class bias at elite universities is because it has life-and-death consequences. On that point, I’d like to offer for your consideration my article “War and the American Elite.”

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